No two kitchens are alike, no two chefs are alike, no two menus are alike, therefore a number of components in any kitchen, bar or foodservice fitout will need to be customised.

Our custom services include Design, Supply and Installation of the following:

  • Stainless steel benching, shelves, cladding
  • Exhaust hoods, Condensate canopies
  • Coolrooms, Freezer rooms, Keg rooms
  • Refrigeration cabinets

Custom made stainless steel includes benches, wall shelves, wall cladding, passes, services risers and so on. Often a mix of pre-fabricated stainless steel products can be mixed with custom items to achieve your desired layout and needs which will also assist with the budget. We will prepare shop drawings prior to any fabrication for your approval.

Exhaust and condensation hoods often need to be customised to suit the equipment below. Our extraction specialists will fabricate your hood with filters, lights, UV, make-up air whatever you require to meet the standards in the updated AS1668 ventilation code.

Coolrooms, Freezer rooms and Keg rooms will need to be custom made to suit your venue’s requirements so we have the capabilities to supply and install these for you. Our fabricators can build the room onsite be it onto a slab or setdown, including concrete or checker plate floor, standard or XFLAM panels, lights, alarm, and ramp. Then our refrigeration technicians will supply and install all requirements to temperature control the rooms whilst meeting all relevant codes. Our Beer system specialists will fitout your keg room with relevant equipment to run through to your bar with pythons and beer fonts accordingly.

Refrigeration comes in many variations and sizes however still cannot accommodate every need and space requirement. The cabinet can be fabricated in the size and finish required then appropriate motors and fans added to achieve your desired result. Allow us to assist you in designing and fabricating the most suitable solution for your unique venue and needs.