There are so many different styles and types of bars that no two are alike. All are designed for the purpose of dispensing beverages of all types therefore there are commonalities in most bar set-ups and designs. These include a custom made bar bench which can include the following- cocktail station, beer station, drip trays, mixing grids, ice wells, speed rails, glass racks, post mix gun, bar sink, garnish racks, hand basin, pos and so on. Under the bar bench will be ice machines, glass washers, bar freezer, glass storage and bins. Blenders, cocktail shakers, ice crushers and other bar accessories will all need space allocation in busy operations. Behind the bar will be back bar refrigeration, upright refrigeration, wine storage, spirit and liquor bottle display and storage. Further behind the bar will be a keg room/coolroom with the python bringing beer lines and post mix through to the bar front, most services will be hidden within the bar frame. Planning and layout are essential to good bar design to maximise working space in often tiny areas.

Bar design inclusions:

  • Bar bench
  • Cocktail station
  • Beer station
  • Fonts
  • Ice well
  • Garnish rack
  • Speed rail
  • Bar sink
  • Mixing grid
  • Freezer
  • Post mix gun
  • Glass racks
  • Ice machine
  • Glass washer
  • Hand basin
  • Keg storage
  • Coolroom
  • Back bar refrigeration
  • Wine storage
  • Blenders
  • Water dispense
  • Glassware

Cocktail Station

Included in the custom made bar bench will be all the requirements to produce your unique combinations of cocktails and drinks known in the industry as a Cocktail station. Included will be your ice well, garnish rack, speed rail (single or double) to accommodate bottles, mixing grid and bar sink usually allowing one Mixologist to operate at a time.

Beer Station

Next crucial part of your custom made bar bench will be the Beer station. Beer fonts either ‘goalpost’ style, cobra or whichever creative style decided on will dispense your beers (and in some cases wines) for your guests. Sizes will depend entirely on the number of brands you will serve from each station, usually 4-7 fonts are housed in each set of fonts and will include a purpose designed drip tray beneath.

Water Station

Similar to the beer station many cafes and bars are installing a dedicated Water station and often located in the bar. Here fonts similar to beer fonts dispense chilled and sparkling water using brands such as Purezza, Moda and Vestal.

Glass Washers

Critical to all drinks service is the quality and cleanliness of the glassware. Essential to achieving this is the quality of the glass washing machine. Technology has come a long way to assist this including specialised washing machines with Reverse Osmosis for Polish Free glass washing! The RO system is a sophisticated filter that removes the minerals from the water prior to being used in the glass washer. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds as it is vital to calibrate these by technicians, use only cold water and then have modern glass washers using 3 phase power to reheat the water quickly enough to run load after load to keep pace with any busy bar. Once in full use, hours of polishing every glass is eliminated saving time and wages!

Ice Makers

Why are there so many shapes of ice and what is best for your operation… Considering these are some of the ice shapes and styles that can be produced-cube, dice, half dice, crescent, ball, nugget, pellet, granular, flake, pyramid, hollow, solid and so on. Some are suited to food services as a base for seafood platters, seafood displays in retail, others are better for crushing and blending for cocktails, slushies, juices and others are slow melting preferred by the whiskey drinker. Certain styles are imperative to Aged Care and Healthcare as they dissolve in the mouth avoiding choking hazards. All ice makers require a water filter on incoming water with some brands voiding warranty if not included. Also note ice is considered food and must meet codes related to food service. For a wide range of ice making machines view our Ice Machine product page.


Do you have enough capacity to accommodate your beverages? Back bar refrigeration for display of brands that guests can select from, bulk wine, beer and soft drink storage, freezer for vodkas and special ice styles, upright drinks fridge, upright wine fridge, under bench refrigeration and coolrooms. For a customised solution and a large selection of under bench and upright display freezers and refrigeration head to our product pages.