Exhaust Hood

All commercial kitchens are governed by the ventilation standard AS1668.2 2012. This outlines requirements over cooking lines and dishwashers. Exhaust hoods above cooking lines need to remove fumes and smoke that contain particles of oil and food. All hoods have filters and lights and when specified, make-up air flowing back in with UV options available. Solid fuel cooking requires a specialised misting hood.

Condensate hoods are also required above dishwashers and larger models to remove steam from the environment. All hoods are either custom made locally or engineered by Britannia or Halton.

Cookline Exhaust

The size and performance level of the exhaust over a cookline will depend entirely on the equipment beneath it. This is why most exhaust hoods need to be customised to your needs so Harvey Norman Commercial can easily provide you with a quotation to supply and install a suitable hood. Exhaust hoods will always feature filters usually baffle style and low energy lighting for chefs and make up air if required.

Condensate Canopy

A requirement of the ventilation and fitout codes is for a condensate canopy to be situated above your pass through dishwasher, utensil/pot washer, rack conveyor washer and many more so that excess steam is removed from the kitchen.

Ducting and motor

Should your site require new or upgraded ducting and motors our qualified contractors can supply and install for you. We could visit your site to assess your needs anytime free of charge.