Coolroom, Freezer Room, Beverage & Keg Room can be custom made to your specifications and size, swing or sliding doors, set-down or directly onto slab, heater mats, lights & alarms with remote condensers, designed, supplied and installed to meet all food code standards.


Food storage at the right temperature is critical to your operation and the solution is often a purpose built Coolroom. From bulk storage of fresh produce to longevity of pre-cooked and prepared meals, sauces, condiments and catering are more cost effective when prepared in bulk and kept for timely period.

Freezer Room

A separate Freezer Room is also popular and can sit apart from the Coolroom or can be accessed through a door in the coolroom called a Dual temp room. The Dual temp room is suitable if space and/or budget is limited and is the ratio of chilled to frozen space is often 70/30. At Harvey Norman Commercial we have specialised subcontractors who will construct your coolroom and then refrigerate it to meet all building and food service standards. Allow us to design and quote this for you.

Keg Room

Similar to the Coolroom the Keg room is usually a purpose built coolroom to store your beer kegs with chiller plate and beer lines running through to your bar dispense area. Consequently Harvey Norman Commercial can also design and build this to your requirements.

Dry Store

Like all ingredient and pantry storage areas the more organized the better, so we offer a range of solutions including shelving units, dunnage racks and storage bins. Head to our product pages to find a range of sizes and finishes to suit you.